Tasting Freedom (The Black Luna, #3) Evelyn Finn


Published: April 8th 2013

Kindle Edition

8 pages


Tasting Freedom (The Black Luna, #3)  by  Evelyn Finn

Tasting Freedom (The Black Luna, #3) by Evelyn Finn
April 8th 2013 | Kindle Edition | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, audiobook, mp3, ZIP | 8 pages | ISBN: | 10.23 Mb

Miz has come to terms with her life and her destiny. Well…she would come to terms with it if she wasn’t been stuck in her bed for what seems like forever. How does a girl go from being a normal teenager to married almost overnight? On top of that, how does she come to grips with her mysterious destiny and the voices of her ancestors telling her of her responsibility?

Can she protect her child? Can she bring the Dusk Wolf into the world? Above all, can she handle danger…like the danger of an enemy pack too close to the High Alpha?Tasting Freedom is the third story in the Black Luna series. Miz and Michael must learn to love each other while fighting against an evil older than the entire bloodline of her kind. Wolf, human, teenager—how can the two discover what path to choose when faced with the end of the world? How can they learn to be one? Polaris Young Adult Productions, bringing you the finest young adult fantasy, scifi, and paranormal fiction.Here is a preview:The autumn air nipped at my bare skin as I positioned myself to leap from the window.

I kept my head raised, trying not to think of the four-story drop. The last time that I did this, there wasn’t really much thinking involved. Kicking off of the sill, I launched into the air and felt a ripple through my body. Each time I changed, it got easier and easier. There was no pain now.I landed on all fours in the grass and sped towards the expanse of woods behind the mansion and gardens. I had never been one to enjoy long-distance running in gym class, but now I sprinted for all I was worth and loved every second of it.

It didn’t matter that Mike was the High Alpha- what right did he have to keep me locked away from this? I was carrying his child after being practically ripped from my own home. I was completely new to the ways of werewolves but that didn’t matter now. I was the High Black Luna.

And I was free.The voice in my head bickered at me but I pushed it back. I ran deeper and deeper into the woods until my legs started to burn. It was a good burn, one that I hadn’t felt in a long time. I couldn’t see through the canopy of trees and couldn’t tell how long I had been running. When I stopped and sniffed at the air for the familiar scent of my husband to follow back, my sensitive nose caught something else: the scent of another wolf.

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