Heartfelt Cases Books 1-3 Julie C Gilbert



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Heartfelt Cases Books 1-3  by  Julie C Gilbert

Heartfelt Cases Books 1-3 by Julie C Gilbert
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The Collins Case:Working for the FBI certainly isnt a normal job, but Special Agent Julie Ann Davidson has never encountered a case as personal as this one. Although not officially assigned to the case, Ann and her partner, Patrick Duncan, take up the cause of finding Rachel, Jason, and Emily Collins. As if that task wasnt enough, Ann and Patrick also have a baffling case of internet thievery to investigate. Who is Christopher Collins and what about his past is endangering his family? Where are Rachel and the kids being held? Where is God in the midst of chaos?

Will Ann and Patrick arrive in time or will they find only pain?The Kiverson Case:One man’s vendetta could cost them everything …When a routine arrest turns deadly, FBI Special Agents Julie Ann and Patrick Duncan are drawn into a dangerous game with Kevin Kiverson, a man with little to lose and much to avenge.In her heart, Ann knows they will catch Kevin, but she doesn’t know when or how or what sacrifices will be made along the way.

She’s prepared to risk her life for others but will her resolve hold when the threat turns to her baby boy?The Davidson Case:Somebody wants her sister dead …FBI Special Agent Ann Duncan knows how to face down danger, but once again, she’s not the target.

Her baby sister, Joy Davidson, has stumbled upon a conspiracy and made some powerful enemies.Luck and God’s grace help Ann save her sister the first time, but she knows the bad guys will try again. With Patrick on a university tour and perhaps the most important case of her career weighing upon her mind, Ann must find the strength, wisdom, and heart to find out who wants her sister dead, what Joy discovered, and how to stop the conspirators.

Ann instinctively knows that if she fails the Davidson case will only be the first of many tragedies.

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